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September 29, 2021
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October 22, 2021
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Professional Teeth Cleaning | Procedure| Benefits

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It is recommended to visit a dentist every six months. It is because dentists supervise dental conditions, suggest a solution, and also clean teeth professionally. However, many people are not convinced with professional cleaning practice when taking good dental care at home. Therefore, our dentist in Pimpri Chinchwad explains the importance and benefits of professional dental cleaning that affects you positively in many ways.

Importance And Benefits Of Professional Dental Cleaning

Dentists use special equipment to clean the deepest crevices and remove stringent tartar, giving you a clean and aesthetic mouth at the end of the process. The importance of professional cleaning is as:

  • The dentists cleanse the deepest crevices and the posterior parts of teeth that are not visible or accessible with a toothbrush.
  • It cleans the tartar, the stringent plaque deposits, that cannot be cleaned easily with a regular dental regimen.
  • Professional cleaning can save you from tooth loss.
  • A professional cleaning can do away with cavities emerging in teeth.
  • It brightens your smile.

STEPS In Professional Cleaning

The professional teeth cleaning procedure, also called prophylaxis, includes the following steps:

Expert flossing

It is the primary step of the treatment. The floss moisturizes teeth and washes away the excessive temporary dirt stuck on teeth while you had breakfast.

Tartar Removal

The dentist in Pimpri Chinchwad uses a special pointed instrument called scalers and curettes to remove the tartar. The instrument gently runs over teeth in vibratory motion, weakening the tartar, and removed curatively through those instruments.


The dentist runs over a gritty toothpaste cleaning-polishing paste over the teeth, which makes teeth shinier, brighter, and professionally appealing.

Fluoride Wash

It is an optional step of teeth cleaning, depending on the protocols followed in a particular clinic for complete teeth cleaning. Usually, in our dental clinic in Pimpri Chinchwad, we complete the cleaning with a fluoride wash. Fluoride helps prevent cavities, strengthens teeth, and gets rid of bad breath.

For a comprehensive dental checkup, visit our dental clinic in Pimpri Chinchwad. You can also book an online appointment for an easy and time-saving appointment with our dentist.

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