How To Take Care Of Your Teeth After Root Canal Treatment

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August 19, 2021
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How To Take Care Of Your Teeth After Root Canal Treatment

If you have tooth decay or infection, the cure is root canal treatment. It is the best treatment to save the decaying tooth. The root canal is the part of your tooth, which is a hollow section that contains nerve tissue, blood vessels, and the pulp of the tooth. When the tooth decay reaches the pulp of your tooth due to any injury that damaged your tooth, you may require root canal treatment. 

Root canal treatment in Pune provides long-lasting and budget-friendly results. The entire process includes cleaning the root canal, filling and sealing it, and then placing a dental crown or permanent filling to protect your jawbone. Our dental hospital in Pimpri-Chinchwad ensures a smooth process with minimal risk and complications by utilizing the latest technologies for dental surgery.

Post root canal treatment care:

Although the root canal treatment is a painless procedure, some discomfort can be experienced by the patient after the surgery. Soreness of the jaws is a very common post-treatment effect that can be caused due to keeping the mouth open for an extended period during the procedure. Medications prescribed are effective in controlling such symptoms. 

Some precautions to observe for speedy recovery after root canal treatment

  • Do not eat anything unless the numbness wears out after anesthesia.
  • To protect the tooth and keep temporary filling, avoid consuming hard and sticky substances like chewing gums. Instead, try chewing from the other side of the mouth.
  • Refrain applying unnecessary pressure or touch the treated tooth with the tongue. It may cause prolonged sensitivity.
  • Having the tooth restored with the final filling or crown will extend the success of the root canal treatment. 
  • Continue taking good care of your oral hygiene. Brush and floss normally and daily. 

While most root canal treatments are successful and safe, rare complications that arise can be:

  • Severe pain or pressure lasting for several days
  • Recurring symptoms
  • Swelling or inflammation
  • Allergic reactions to medications
  • Bite feels uneven
  • Coming out of temporary filling or crown

Having a natural tooth is always better. A root canal treatment can serve as an effective treatment for saving natural teeth. It can also protect your mouth from other bacterial infections that can damage your oral hygiene. 

Wonder Smile Dental Clinic in Pimpri-Chinchwad offers the best root canal treatment in Pune. We have experienced dentists who are experts in dental hygiene and guide you through the entire procedure and recovery period. Book an appointment today for more details.

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