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4 Quick Tips To Avoid Tooth Sensitivity And Other Dental Issues During This Winter

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Winter is coming.

Tooth sensitivity and gum weakness are very real during the winter months. All of us feel some tingling and sensitivity in the cold air of winter. However, for people who already suffer from sensitive teeth or other weakness-causing dental disorders, winter aggravates their condition by manifold. 

Our Dentist in Pimpri Chinchwad suggests that the only way to prevent your teeth from becoming a constant source of pain during the winter is to change some of your lifestyle practices. Here are some of the practices that can help prevent excessive sensitivity or damage to your teeth in the cold:

Avoid Sugary Medicines & Foods:

Common cold, viral fevers, cough, and such conditions are known to peak during winters, and the entire family ends up taking sweet syrups and hot drinks without monitoring sugar intake.

Sweet drinks deposit acidic substances over teeth which erode the enamel layer, making them more sensitive to cold temperatures and exposing them to decay.

It is wiser to avoid sweet treats and foods during the winter. But it is equally important to prefer sugar-free medicines for your kids and you. When you do have something sweet, just remind everyone to rinse their mouths thoroughly.

Breath Only Through The Nose:

A lot of us tend to breathe through our mouths when walking. In winters, breathing in cold air causes chills within the gums. And doing so for a prolonged time can increase the sensitivity and weaken the hold of our teeth. 

Hence, throughout the winter, make sure you don’t breathe through your mouth and focus breathing through your nose as much as possible when working out.

Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day:

The lack of humidity during winter can often cause dry mouths even when indoors. The dryness in teeth can contribute to their sensitivity and increase the chances of decay.

Like any other day of the year, it is important to drink enough water on cold days to avoid dry mouth and promote saliva production from time to time.

Avoid Sharing Things That Go Into Your Mouth:

Dental decay and bacterial infections are known to spread through saliva, so sharing things like toothbrushes, spoons, beverage cans, cups, or glasses, may not be caring in this case.

Avoid sharing oral cleaning tools and give every family member separate cutlery and glasses during meals at least during winter.

Oral problems are inevitable, and winter is the worst time to suffer from any dental problems as the pain worsens by manifold during the cold, increasing your rounds at any dental hospital in Pimpri Chinchwad. However, having a trusted family dentist who understands your lifestyle and oral issues can help solve them promptly. Wonder Smile understands the dental needs and problems of a family and has been serving many of them for years with utmost satisfaction. So if you want to discuss your family’s oral health issues and prevent painful oral problems during winter, reach out to our dental experts at Wonder Smile, the most trusted family Dental Clinic in Pimpri Chinchwad.

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